CARE India – Striving Hard to Help Poor Girls and to End Social Injustice and Poverty!

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CARE India – Striving Hard to Help Poor Girls and to End Social Injustice and Poverty!

For more than 68 years CARE is working desperately in India with an objective to end social injustice and poverty. CARE India strives hard to achieve this objective with comprehensive and well planned programs that are designed to provide education, livelihood and healthcare in India. CARE India also takes part actively to help people with disaster preparedness as well as response.


CARE started its work in India during June 1946. Lincoln Clark who was the co-founder of CARE has signed that CARE Basic Agreement at the Foreign Affairs office located in Delhi. As per that agreement, CARE’s work was limited to contributing technical books as well as scientific equipments to the research institutes and universities. However, during Nov 1949, Melvin Johnson was the 1st chief of the mission arrived in this country and he initiated the major operations of CARE in India.  This charity has done lots of good work and has helped lots of people in India. It has helped people in various aspects like education and healthcare.

Work and vision:

CARE India’s prime objective is to establish social justice and hope among people. It strives hard to eliminate poverty and to offer people a better world to live where they can sense and find security and dignity like elements. However, the prime focus of CARE India remains on women empowerment. In order to achieve it, CARE India helps the poor girls as well as marginalized communities. This charitable organization strives hard to empower the girls and women from the marginalized communities so that they can live with a dignity. In this way, CARE India tries to make the households secure enough. It works with more than 50 millions of people and helping them to achieve the livelihood, education and health entitlements.  They use the funds very well, for welfare of underprivileged.

CARE India is committed to provide a better and well structured society. With a collective purpose and vision CARE India strived hard to help poor girls and women from the marginalized communities. Respect, integrity, commitment and excellence are the core values of CARE India.

Donation appeal:

Your donation will come in handy to support the elimination of social injustice and poverty in this country. Donate to support the girls who are still waiting for a formal education. Your donation will help many poor girls to fulfill their dreams.

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