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Need Help Support to AMBOKILI COMMUNITIES CONCERN [ACC] Community – Together we can help save lives


Ambokili community concern envision itself as a credible and charity which is active in the promotion of a better life for the pastoralist and vulnerable community communities of amboseli Kenya ,it strives to achieve a society where empowerment and progress are tangible and visible realities in everyday life

The organization was establish in 2008 by a group people coming  mostly from pastoralist households and who had established warm  and committed ties beforehand its area of intervention  in amboseli Kenya with its four group ranch and its villagers  ranging from the amboseli national park to the mt Kilimanjaro border

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The implementation of the activities is carried out by professional executive committee

The strategic pillars identification in the strategic plan embody ambokili consideration about the surrounding environment and they represent the organization response to current  local needs

In specific goal of ambokili community concern believe it is necessary to priorities projects that will enable  local communities to adapt  and mitigate the effects of poverty and subsequent drought episodes and strive towards sustainable livelihood to increase food security, environment ,micro credit, water ,health, livelihood asset at the same time education is also perceived as important by building school in the marginalized communities living in the bush a bit forgotten by the government  and accessing water etc while giving the high rate of school drop out and illiteracy experienced in the area these strategic  directions were developed after several sessions of participatory discussions for planning and validation in the year 2014, during these session ambokili identified 2 main key results areas for its operation organization development [OD] and the programmatic pillars under the OD key results area ambokili will pursue a set of action and activities aimed at strengthening its structure and process[ operational technical and financial] so to increase the visibility of the organization and its engagement with the community leaders ,csos and relevant offices of government of Kenya on other hand ,the programmatic pillars will inform ambokili intervention and will serve as a benchmark for sustainability and resource  mobilization  tasks. The programmatic strategies identified  relate to the fields of intervention

.Education as formal ,non formal and informal

.environment, natural resource management ,food security, micro  credit, democracy and governance


The charity has a executive committee with strong natural resource and community development experience  the program committee is comprise of project director ,project field officer and executive committee ,the funds will  be accounted properly for and professionally audited, we strictly adhere to the rules  of quotations contact and bills of quantities, program reports will be prepared  and submitted to the partner on quarterly basis or when required


The project will be evaluated using both operational and performance indicators,evaluation will take place after every quarter and finally at the end of project period data will collected by measuring outputs and recording changes analyzed data will be used to address problems ,recommend changes and measure the progress made towards achieving the objectives the evaluation reports will be submitted to the partner


To perform humanitarian and development in amboseli ecosystem Kenya by improving education water ,health, food security, micro credit and environment  to eliminate poverty  in the marginalize locals pastoralist communities


Your donation will come to the charity registered account to support the vulnerable communities in amboseli Kenya. Donate to support the marginalize communities who are very needy ,who are waiting your support

We request your donation

To support our humanitarian work, please donate our charity with any amount to help our charity work and help our charity


Kenya is currently facing the worst food crisis since the beginning of this year as there were no rain ,in Kenya hundreds of thousands of people  and livestock are hungry  and of risk of starvation without help amboseli faces large scale famine and thousands could face a disastrous drought in the coming month

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Together we can help save lives.

Amboseli  maasai community due to monitoring  and study ,we have 1500people  that are really suffering due to the situation, let  save their lives till the rain comes

We request 75bags of beans,150bags  of maize  and 1500litres to feed three territories each household will manage to go home with  food  smiling

Together to save lives of humans



Your donation will come in handy to support the elimination of social injustice and poverty in this country. Donate to support the girls who are still waiting for a formal education. Your donation will help many poor girls to full fill their dreams.  Need your help and support for our Noble work. Please Donate for our Charity with $500, $100 $50 or any amount to help our charity work and help our NGO.

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